Website Task Chain of Command Policy

1. Purpose

This policy establishes a clear chain of command for completing website-related tasks, enabling efficiency and accountability. 

2. Scope

This policy applies to all university staff and faculty involved in the university’s website, including end-users, editors, administrators, and IT webmasters.

3. Policy

3.1 Request Initiation

All website requests must be initiated by the end-user of that section of the website.

3.2 Initial Triage 

The website editor triages the request, either addressing it directly or escalating it.

3.3 Second-level Handling

If unresolved by the editor, the request goes to the website administrator for handling.

3.4 Final Resolution

Any requests involving technical/development issues that the administrator cannot resolve are escalated to the IT webmasters for final resolution.

4. Adherence 

All university website staff must follow this chain of command for efficient workflow and accountability. Attempts to skip this hierarchy without proper cause may result in delays or request rejection.

5. Tracking

The Web Administration Team will implement tracking procedures to monitor adherence and identify any breakdowns in the chain of command.

6. Maintenance

The Web Administration Team will review compliance to this policy and make any necessary adjustments to the chain of command on a semiannual basis.